Valued Data

In the coming years, the explosion in the number of connected computing devices and the amount of data that will result from this phenomenon can be divided into two calendar periods:

The first, which we are now experiencing: the era of “mobility”, driven by 10 billion intelligent devices.

The second, which will generate data quantities still underestimated to this day, the “Internet of objects” driven by nearly 100 billion interconnected devices.

In interpreting this scenario, which is no longer futuristic, can we still ask ourselves whether a transformation program to reconsider the establishment and operation of data in companies has any utility?

In this context, the digital model performance booster is the implementation of a new strategy for use we make of the data of the company and its environment.

Alternea Valued Data is a pragmatic solution oriented towards enhanced performance, through an exploitation of useful and efficient data within the company. Composed of 5 complementary sprints, the first of four modules of our offer supports companies with a strategy that is fast, agile and efficient.

  1. “Data Strategy” Sprint : Without a strategy you benefit your competitors
  2. “Data Source” Sprint : Mapping of internal and/or external data sources
  3. “Data Choice” Sprint : Does all this data merit an investment?
  4. “Data Quality” Sprint : To facilitate data handling
  5. “Data Form” Sprint : Putting data into “readable format”



“We are about to complete our CRM project. How can we increase the accuracy rate of our data in order to be more proactive and create faster and more efficient client interaction?”




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