Collaborative Suite for Work

The structuring and streamlining internal business processes have led to the widespread use of rigid computer systems for activity management (ERP). Although these systems have enabled significant control over this pilot phase to be exercised, they have, however, caused many negative effects:

  • Breakdown in internal communication, not allowing communication between organizations. These systems have favored the emergence of communication channels and palliative decision making that affects the overall efficiency.
  • Distortion of management and collaboration systems, by forcing employees to use these relatively non-agile systems, develop uncontrolled workarounds, to respond quickly to daily operational needs. (Excel file type, database, exchange files, etc. …).
  • Destruction of the ability to innovate, by restricting employees to the roles of performers, and in so doing, robbing them of their abilities to innovate. This compartmentalization hinders the company in its agility in adapting to market changes

Since an optimal management of information flow creates value for the company, it is necessary to rethink the collaboration.


Alternea collaborative suite for work :

Alternea Collaborative Suite for Work is an approach involving transformation of collaborative uses that accompanies the willingness of companies to redefine their working methods, based on the following fundamental elements:

  • A culture of functional collaboration, no longer based on the organizational structure of the company but on the functional requirements identified to respond to uses. The approach becomes neuronal rather than silo-based.
  • Open and participatory management: facilitating access to decision makers and opening the channels of involvement at sites to various contributors.
  • A culture based on a tool that is usable and agile: Generalization of the dematerialization of documents, functional sharing, interaction (creation, modification) multi-user mode in real time, implementation of open digital usage platforms.

Our working methods allow us to consider the target from a fresh perspective: to reformulate the problem according to your context, to identify the transformation elements with the highest priority and to enable them to be implemented rapidly, efficiently and securely.



“As part of the launch of a new product, we must make teams work together, teams that share neither the same job nor the same hierarchy and sometimes do not even speak the same language. In this context there are many ways for errors to occur, so we need to reduce the “Go to market”, by means of a more rapid marketing process whose performance is measured. How can you help us?”


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